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Established in January 1978, worldwide express courier service started with just one vehicle. After several years it had expanded to Sixty five vehicles gaining a reputation of reliability with a friendly approach to its customers. In September 1988 the company was incorporated and became a limited company with the Head office based in London, United Kingdom.

The company started by offering Next Day or Same Day delivery options. worldwide express courier service and their staff pride themselves on being able to handle with care all types of items ranging from delicate filtration equipment for hospital operating theaters to large awkward sign boards, all items are handle with the same care.

The company then expanded into the Home Delivery Service and then we soon gained a reputation for delivering Medical and associated products to patients in their own homes a reputation that has only got better and better over 6 decades.

Business solutions, transport & logistics

worldwide express courier service. is an independent international freight forwarding and logistics company. We have expertise and resources for even the largest contracts, but we never lose sight of the importance of personal touch.

Smart transport

 Market Sectors are focused on the search for advantage. Our World Express Logistics Team connects your and our logistic knowledge together to find new ways to realize cost savings, eliminate inefficiency, improve delivery performance and simplify the supply chain. 

Shipment verifications If the number of collies, number of pieces or weight do not match the official documents, your shipment could be on hold at the customs at the EU export border for days, weeks, yes even years. Does your organization want to take this risk? Official authorities could view your mistakes as smuggling. This could mean a loss of much valuable time in defending court cases and rectifying the damage done to a company’s image. A mismatch with your documents can lead to penalties. There are cases of > $ 100.000. The penalty depends on the amount of Duty. Your shipment will be confiscated until fines are stipulated by a court ruling.



Our warehouses offer sufficient secure storage for companies wishing to centralize their stocks, while our logistics expertise means that orders can be shipped rapidly and reliably via our network of regional handling hubs. And thanks to our state-of-the-art internal processes, we can track and trace the flow of goods throughout the country and Europe. And our motivated staff are always eager to react rapidly to unexpected fluctuations requiring a fast and accurate response. The contracts with our clients provide complete logistics services ranging from warehousing and order management to delivery and after sales service. They also include replenishment of vast number of articles between several warehouses, vendors and suppliers.


Parcel collection & delivery We’ve got a range of options to make sure your delivery finds you, wherever you are.



Having to carry a large or heavy parcel to the post office definitely won’t be the highlight of your day, especially if there are long queues. Let us take the hassle out of posting large items across the UK or Internationally by collecting your parcel from your home or business address. There’s no extra cost for one our drivers to collect either – It’s all part of the Worldwide Express Courier Service.