Shipment Verifications

Worldwide Express Courier Service has learned and built up valuable experience that now enables them to take care of your shipments pre-stage, during transport and even during their stay with a customs broker.

What are the operational and financial benefits?

  • Reduce border delays 
  • Reduce customs penalties
  • Smooth check-in

Your risk:

  1. If the number of collies, number of pieces or weight do not match the official documents, your shipment could be on hold at the customs at the EU export border for days, weeks, yes even years. Does your organization want to take this risk?
  2. Official authorities could view your mistakes as smuggling. This could mean a loss of much valuable time in defending court cases and rectifying the damage done to a company’s image.
  3. A mismatch with your documents can lead to penalties. 
    There are cases of > $ 100.000. The penalty depends on the amount of Duty. Your shipment will be confiscated until fines are stipulated by a court ruling.

Worldwide Express Courier Services solution = full verification of your shipment:

  1. The overages, causing the biggest issue at customs, can be unloaded at the warehouse of Worldwide Express Courier Services sent back to supplier or can wait for the next shipment with related documents.
  2. Our workforce is well trained and experienced; the process is about 30% less expensive than in the West.
  3. We provide regular statistics and reports for all our services.

We prevent:

  • Delays at eastern border
  • Customs penalties and court cases
  • Long discussions and explanations

Let us:

  • Check your documents
  • Check your shipments

We achieve:

  • Smooth check-in in your foreign warehouse